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From Bart Weiss:

I am so sad to hear of this Dana was a great man who taught me and changed my perspective on media I was so please that he was able to come to my festival years ago.

And I was really happy that he came out to mill valley and was able to show to a new audience. He touched so many people He more that anybody deeply understood the how technology could work in a human way.

He will be missed.



From Don Bachman:

Dear Denise,

Thank you, thank you for thinking of us on the sad day. I have wonderful memories of Dana, from the time he first walked into Tony's Tavern in Crested Butte, wondering about that amazing place, and asking himself if this could be his home.

He enriched our lives, and brought to us Megan and Gillian and a steady stream of associates and friends and projects and ideas and most of all friendship and the love that you have seen him give during your all to short time together.

So, now I'm thinking of you and your strength - though mine is waning as I write these words.

Love to you all and special hugs to Megan and Gillian from their friend,

Don Bachman


From George Sibley

Dear Denise, Megan, Gillian,

I am so sad to hear about Dana. I knew him best back in the late 1960s, early 1970s when he was first hanging out summers in Crested Butte. I was editor of the newspaper in town and knew that, if the news wasn't really up to snuff, I could always drop by Ace Space and invent something better....

I was only able to participate peripherally in his Digital Storytelling Festivals here, due to their coming at the very beginning of the school year. But a year ago this fall, I invited him down to the college to make a presentation; we were hoping that we might be able to get him here for a communications conference we held last winter. That was when I found out about his bone marrow problem, and his obviously very real assessment of the difficulty of the process.

He did give a wonderful presentation in a class here that got everyone really excited about possibilities - his great role in life, I think.

Here is a note from the professor whose class he presented to, and to whom I forwarded the message Don Bachman had forwarded to me....


Thanks for letting me know. Yes, I remember him well. In fact, he inspired me to start working on a project to create multi-media accoutrements for my poetry readings, and I have two completed - one a slide show and the other a video, both with sound, that accompany poems.

Even though I only met him for a day, I had the feel that he was an extraordinary person.

Mark --

Dr. Mark Todd Chair, Communication Arts, Languages, and Literature

I have thought about Dana a number of times this year past, and wondered how things were going. Our loss is great - but none so great as yours.


George Sibley

From Richard Heale

Dear Denise

I am just so sad! Hal has been keeping me posted on how Dana has been progressing over the ast few months. He told me yesterday of the sad news. I keep seeing Dana in my minds-eye.

Like so many people Dana touched people and left an indelible mark. His stories could make me cry! His friendship was allways there. I realy feel his loss.

The naked man on Tyagarah beach.

The virtual camp fire.

Crested Bute.

Sitting in my first American diner.

The twirling sons.

The Colarado Spaceman who had hung out with Richard Brautigan. The man, who to me was the quintessential American who had routes and took delight in them.

Words cannot express how much knowing Dana filled me with a wonderfull warm feeling. He may have left his body but his spirit will never leave me.

My heart goes out to you. If I feel such loss I cannot imagine how you must feel. Simply know that there is a universe of love and warm deep feeling going out to you.